This proposed development is a mix of office, retail, and luxury residences situated adjacent to Shades Creek in Birmingham, Alabama. The design is conceptualized as a stately, reserved massing to serve as a gateway to the traditional villiage of Mountain Brook. Below-ground parking serves to maximize the buildable area on the surface of the site as well as to provide convenient building access for the residents and office occupants. Views to the creek were maximized through the strategic use of curtainwall systems.

Similar materials and scale visually unite the office building with the residential tower, while the unique articulation and detailing are meant to distinguish the two. Joining the buildings is a pedestrian plaza with a viewing platform overlooking the creek. This plaza is a true anchor to the site and a destination point for visitors and patrons of the retail spaces.

Virtual reality technology was employed to study the scale of the building at eye-level, and numerous design iterations were explored as a result of the new technology.