The strength behind the Civil Rights Movement of 1963 came from the countless individuals who boycotted, protested, and marched for the common purpose of equal rights for all. This proposal seeks to reflect the sacrifice and ultimate victory of the movement and express an emphatic optimism toward the future of Birmingham. Two hands rise from the earth, open to the sky, recalling the Faith in God and mankind which drove all those involved. Formed as massive wings of victory, this monument acknowledges the struggles of the past but revels in its triumph, and expresses optimism for continued progress. Thousands of illuminated perforations stand in for the unnamed souls, solitary points of light unified by a single purpose. The intention of this monument is to serve as a beacon and a gateway to Kelly Ingram Park and to the Civil Rights District, but moreover to stand as an inspiration to the next generation in Birmingham: that they may come to realize the magic of our city and the strength of our people.