This conceptual design for an ongoing mixed-use design is located on the hilly Southside slopes of Birmingham, AL. It exists at the intersection of two prominent and distinctive districts in the area: the 5 Points South area with its restaurants, nightlife, and civic structures, and the Highlands neighborhood with very pedestrian-friendly streets and walkways and a series of connected parks. The aim of this development is to continue the walkability of the area and provide a first-class retail and dwelling experience to Southside.

The existing site has a poor urban presence, with low-quality 1-story retail and a small, derelict office building. The retail is poorly served with far too little parking, and the sidewalks are too narrow to encourage walkability.

The proposed development provides retail, hotel, and condos to the block, layered around structured parking at the interior of the site. This provides sufficient parking to support all the functions while maintaining walkability along the street edges and giving space back to the community through a pedestiran plaza along the primary retail edge. A plaza for the condos and hotel on top of the structured parking ensure that views toward the site interior are still pleasant to those buildings, provide covering for vehicles, and provide ample space for amenities.